ACQU is a group provide an one-stop solution for industrial PC's. We offer expert engineering services to help you find solutions for your project. Acqutek Corporation, Inc. specializes in building industrial computer systems including single board computers, embedded computers, CPU boards, backplanes, industrial chassis, industrial power supplies, virtual disk drives, digital I/O cards, isolated I/O cards, A/D cards, D/A cards, data acquisition cards and many other items.
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CPU Cards & Embedded Computers
Backplane Boards
Industrial Chassis
Industrial Power Supplies
Virtual Disk Cards / Drivers
Panel PC / TFT Display
A/D D/A and Digital I/O Cards
Isolated I/O Boards
Communication Products
ROCKY-4786 - P4 CPU Card with VGA/2xLAN
HS-6037 - P3 CPU Card with VGA/SCSI/2xLAN
ROCKY-3705EV - P3 CPU Card with VGA/LAN
ROCKY-3701 - P3 CPU Card
JUKI-745E - Pentium CPU Card
ROCKY-318 - 386SX CPU Card
PM-i387(V) - 386SX CPU Card with V-Disk
IFD Dlash Disk - 1.8/2.5/3.5" IDE Flash Disk
PK-55160A - Remote terminal (VT-100 Terminal)

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Last Update : November 2014