Acqutek - ACE-920A/925A/935A
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[PS/2 Type] ACE-920A - ACE-925A - ACE-935A - ACE-935B - ACE-932A - ACE-932T - ACE-925T - ACE-925C - ACE-916V
[ATX Type] ACE-828A - ACE-828T - ACE-828C
[Others] ACE-855A - ACE-855C - ACE-845V - ACE-870A - ACE-870T - ACE-870C - ACE-865V - ACE-890A - ACE-890P - ACE-890T - ACE-890C - ACE-890V

Industrial AC Input 200W/250W/350W Power Supplies

85-265V AC input for ACE-920A/ACE-925A
80-140V AC input for ACE-935A
170-270V AC input for ACE-935B
40A +5V output (ACE-935A)
Additional P10 (+5V. GND) connection to mother
47-64Hz and 440Hz input frequency
60KHz switching frequency control
0 - +55°C operating temperture
High reliability "Ball Bearing" cooling fan
High precision and stabble DC output for long term operating
UL 1950 D3 approved
TUV EN60950 approved
Comply with FCC socket 20780 class B

Model Numbber
Model No. Input Voltage Range Maximum Outputs Current MTBF
+5V +12V -5V -12V +3.3V +5Vsb
ACE-920A AC 85-265V 20A 4A 0.3A 0.5A     216,700 0 - +55°C
ACE-925A AC 85-265V 22A 7A 0.5A 0.7A     204,100 0 - +55°C
ACE-935A AC 80-140V 44A 8A 0.3A 0.7A     200,050 0 - +55°C
ACE-935B AC 170-270V 44A 8A 0.3A 0.7A     200,050 0 - +55°C
The maximum output currents are based on 40°C operating temperature, when the power supply is operated at 50-55°C, the maximum output currents will be approximately 75-80% of above figures.


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