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VIA Eden 400 Fanless CPU
Integrated AGP 4X Graphics Core
PC/104 interface
18 bits TTL and LVDS LCD interface
Disk on Chip Socket
OPtional Compact Flash Adapter
2 USB, 1 RS-232C & 1 RS-232C/485 Ports

Monitoring and Alarm - The AR-B1672 includes a multitude of monitoring and alarm functions to protect your board from high temperatures or over voltage exposure.

Watchdog Timer - A 6-level Watchdog Timer can invoke an NMI or RESET the CPU when your application loses control over the system.


The JUKI-760E is a Socket 7 single board computer based on Intel's BX chipset. This card accommodates Intel Pentium and AMD K6 CPU and allows processor speed of up to 550 MHz or more. Together with a high speed Ethernet interface, and the AGP/PCI Accelerator, this board is very well suited for cost effective high end workstations for application such as CAD/CAM, Image processing etc.

AGP/PCI VGA I/F - CT 65555 display chipset consists of high integration, super performance, and feature-rich 3D/2D graphics & video accelerators, it supports up to 1280 x 1024 256 colors.

10/100 Mbps Networking - Realtek 8139 PCI 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX Ethernet interfaces are included for high speed networking.

Ultra DMA HDD support - Ultra DMA doubles the current burst data transfer rate to 33 megabytes (MB) per second. Ultra DMA "widens" the path to the hard drive by transferring twice as much data per clock cycle.

DiskOnChip - The JUKI-760E socket accommodates a DiskOnChip, a new generation of high performance single-chip Flash Disks up to 144 MB.

Model Number

Model Number Description


CPU On-board fanless VIA Eden 400MHz (Optonal: VIA C3 and other frequencies)
CPU Socket Socket 7
RAM One SO-Dimm socket, supports up to 512MB SDRAM memory
Chipset Ali M1541/M1543
Multi-I/O Chip
  • 10/100Mbps
  • RJ-45 connector
  • Display Controller
  • PLE133T on-chip VGA
  • Support CRT and LCD
  • Resolutiion up to 1280 x 1024 x 18-bit
  • Flash Disk Support DiskOnChipTMflash disk chip
    Watch-Dog Timer Software programmable 1~63 seconds
    Interface PICMG Bus (ISA Bus and PCI Bus)
    Keyboard I/F PS/2 keyboard connector
    Mouse I/F PS/2 mouse I/F
    Power Supply +5V/12A, +12V/170mA, -12V/20mA
    Operating Temperature +0°C to +60°C
    Operating Humidity 0% to 90% Relative humidity non-condensing

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