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3 Slot Half-Size Closed-Frame Chassis


Steel chassis for IBM PC compatible CPU card and add-on cards.
3 slots to host half size ISA-bus add on cards.
Complete closed-frame chassis.
Space and mounting holes for 2.5" H.D.D.
Low cost OEM application.
Strength: 10 lbs. per square inch.
110V/220V 40W switching power supply.


The FC-series chassis are complete closed-frame chassis which can be installed independently. The products include a closed-frame chassis, so that it can be installed in an industrial environment.

The FC-0308 is a closed-frame chassis with a 40W power supply and 3 slot ISA-bus backplane board. It is designed for embedded applications.

A 2.5" Hard Disk Driver mounting space and mounting holes are reserved, the 3 slot backplane board also includes 3.5" Hard Disk Driver to 2.5" Hard Disk Driver Interface conversion circuit, all of these make it is very easy to install a 2.5" Hard Disk Driver in the system.

The easy-to-access design make the system be opened by loosing four screw on the front panel. The front cover cushing can also act as hold-down clamp to hold the add-on cards against vibrations.

Model No


Power Supply (100W)

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