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6 Slot Half-Size Closed-Frame Chassis


Steel chassis for IBM PC compatible CPU card and add-on cards.
6 slots to host 1/2 size ISA-bus add on cards.
A built-in power supply monitoring function.
Complete closed-frame chassis with a temperature controlled filtered fan to guard against dust.
8 Status LEDs can be controllable from program.
Low cost OEM application.
Strength: 10 lbs. per square inch.
110V/220V 100W switching power supply.


The FC-series chassis are complete closed-frame chassis which can be installed independently. The products include a closed-frame chassis with a temperature controlled, filtered fan, so that it can be installed in an industrial environment.

The 6 slot backplane boards include built-in status LEDs which can be used to indicate program status in an application. A built-in power supply monitoring circuit will keep the system in reset mode until all DC voltages are raised to 90% of the standard voltages.

There is a temperature controlled fan with filter which will control the chassis temperature to assure the FC-series operates within a regular temperature range.

Model No


Power Supply (100W)

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