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Year 2000 Compliance

The Year 2000 Issue Defined
    From the earliest days, computers were programmed using two digits each for the day, month and year. This programming method became the standard to save limited and expensive computer storage space. If this issue is not addresses, computers may become confused and read the year as "1900" or "1980" instead of "2000" causing it to malfunction or provide incorrect data.

    Acqutek has an ongoing program of evaluation for ensuring that all products, hardware, software, manufacturing systems and business processes in offices and manufacturing locations worldwide are Year 2000 compliant. This program includes the review of all internally developed products including related software and all purchased software and hardware components which may be date-sensitive, as well as the review of all vendors for Year 2000 compliance.

    The year 2000 is not currently expected to create issues that would affect our ability to deliver high-quality products on time. More specific information on Acqutek Year 2000 compliance program is provided below:

Date Sensitive Products : CPU Cards and SBC
    Acqutek's CPU cards and Single Board Computers (SBC) are date sensitive and rely on date-related information in order to function as designed, and thus will be affected by any Year 2000-related issues. Acqutek has tested all products and modified all programs codes (BIOS) to comply with Year 2000. Please refer to following table :

    Model Number Y2K Compliant Remark
    PU-i088 Compliant Non Date Sensitive
    PU-i386SX-40 Compliant BIOS date=11/16/98 ASC3865.ROM
    PU-i486SL-40 Compliant BIOS date=11/16/98 ASC3865.ROM
    PU-i386XC-40 Compliant BIOS date=11/16/98 UGH3865.ROM
    PU-i486XC-40 Compliant BIOS date=11/16/98 UGH3865.ROM
    PM-i386XC-40 Compliant BIOS date=11/16/98 I386VX5.ROM
    PM-i486XC-40 Compliant BIOS date=11/16/98 I386VX5.ROM
    PU-i486DX-S4 Compliant BIOS date=11/16/98 UGF4865.ROM
    XU-i088A Compliant  
    XU-i586 Compliant  
    PSC-586 Compliant  
    SSC-486H Compliant  
    Rocky-P228BX Compliant  
    PIA-666VL / PU-i686 Compliant  
    HS-6037 Compliant  
    Rocky-3702EV Compliant  
    Rocky-3701 Compliant  
    Juki-3711 Compliant  
    Juki-3712 Compliant  
    Rocky-568EV Compliant  
    Rocky-538TXV Compliant  
    Rocky-548TX Compliant  
    AR-B1574 / PU-i586 Compliant  
    AR-B1576 / PU-i588 Compliant  
    Juki-740E Compliant  
    Juki-745E Compliant  
    Rocky-418 Compliant  
    Juki-750E Compliant  
    Rocky-318 Compliant  
    Juki-732E Compliant  
    PM-i387(V) Compliant  
    AR-B1564 Compliant  
    AR-B9621 Compliant  
    AR-B9622 Compliant  
    NOVA-600 Compliant  
    NOVA-300 Compliant  
    PK-55160(A) Compliant  
    PC-DOS 6.3 Compliant  

    You may download updated software or BIOS from Acquteks ftp server or contact us for assistance.

Non Date Sensitive Products
    Other Acqutek's products (Backplane boards, Chassis, I/O boards, A/D Cards, D/A Cards, RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 cards, CCD Cameras ... etc) are not date sensitive and do not rely on date-related information in order to function as designed, and thus will not be affected by any Year 2000-related issues.

Information Technology

    All of Acqutek's information technology systems, including hardware and applications, have been reviewed. All systems have been confirmed as Year 2000 compliant or have already been modified or upgraded to achieve compliance.

Suppliers & Production

    A review of all Acqutek's vendors is currently in progress. All suppliers have been contacted and no issues with Year 2000 compliance have been identified to date.

    All production equipment at each of Acqutek's manufacturing locations has been evaluated. All equipment have been confirmed as Year 2000 compliant or have already been modified or upgraded to achieve compliance.


    Any representation or warranty in regard to Acqutek's products and Year 2000 or date-related information is strictly limited to Acqutek products only and does not extend to other products or systems that may be used in conjunction with Acqutek products.

    This information on Acqutek Year 2000 compliance is designated as Year 2000 Readiness Disclosure within the meaning of the Year 2000 Information and Disclosure Act of 1998. Please note that information provided regarding non-Acqutek products and services are republications under the Act and are based on information supplied by other companies about the products and services they offer. Acqutek has not independently verified the contents of these republications and takes no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of information contained in such republications. This information is subject to change and may be updated.


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