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Half Size ISA-bus 386SX CPU Card with VGA and LAN


386SX-40MHz CPU on board
Up to 32MB DRAM
Two RS-232C I/F & one Printer I/F
One Floppy I/F & One IDE HDD I/F
VGA LCD/CRT Controller
One NE-2000 10Mbps Ethernet
Support DiskOnChip flash disk chip
Watch Dog Timer
Built-in Keyboard and PS/2 Mouse interface
Single 5V/1.7A operation


The JUKI-732E is a half-sized 386SX CPU card that run at 40MHz and can have up to 32MB of DRAM. The card has 2 serial I/F, one printer I/F, one IDE HDD, one FDD I/F, one PS/2 mouse I/F, 10MHz NE-2000 compatible Ethernet, an on-board Watch-Dog timer, a Buzzer and a battery backed Real Time Clock.

The JUKI-732E has VGA on board, the VGA supports both CRT and LCD panel and has up to 1024x768 resolution in CRT display mode and 800x600 in LCD display mode.

The JUKI-732E is equipped with one 32-pin socket which accommodates DiskOnChip, This allows the JUKI-732E to feature a 2MB, 4MB ... up to 128MB virtual disk drive.

The JUKI-732E is equipped with a special designed 1K bit EEPROM. Because the EEPROM is an nonvolatile memory, it can be used in your application to store system I.D., password, system configuration or other critical data.

Model Number

Model Number Description
JUKI-732E All-in-one ISA-Bus 386SX CPU card with VGA/LCD & Ethernet


CPU 386SX-40MHz compatible (ALI-6117)
RAM Up to 32MB (Two 32 pin FPM/EDO memory)
Chipset ALI-6117
Multi-I/O Chip
  • Winbond W83877F
  • Two 16C550 RS-232C ports
  • One EPP/ECP parallel port
  • One Floppy I/F
  • One IDE I/F
  • Ethernet
  • Realtek RTL8019 chipset
  • 10Mbps 16-bit Ethernet, NE2000 compatible
  • 10BASE-T connector
  • LCD/CRT Controller
  • HM86508 with 1MB RAM
  • Support both CRT display and LCD Panel
  • 1024 x 768 256 colors for CRT display
  • 800 x 600 resolution for STN and TFT LCD Flat Panel
  • Flash Disk Support DiskOnChipTMflash disk chip
    E2KeyTMFunction A non volatile 1Kbit EEPROM is provided to retain critical data, like Password,System ID,¡Ketc.
    External Power Connector 8-pin male connector (model: 2751-08TS)
    Watch-Dog Timer Can be set by 1, 2, 10, 20, 110 or 220seconds period. RESET or NMI was generated when CPU did not periodically trigger the timer
    Interface ISA Bus and PC/104 expansion bus on board
    Keyboard I/F PS/2 keyboard connector
    Mouse I/F PS/2 mouse I/F
    Power Supply 5V/1.7A
    Operating Temperature +0°C to +60°C
    Operating Humidity 0 to 90% non-condensing

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