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5.25" Disk Size 386SX Embedded Computer

NVCB-03 Cable set


386SX-40MHz compatible
Up to 32MB,On board 2MB/4MB designed for OEM customer requirement
LCD/CRT Controller
Support DiskOnChipTM flash disk chip
Multi-I/O Chip:SMC FDC37C669 and W83877F
Four 16C550 RS-232C Ports
One RS-232C port cna be set RS-422/485 also
One EPP/ECP Parallel Port
Floppy/IDE Port
COM3/COM4 RI signal supports +5V or +12V
PC/104 Connector
Single 5V/1.6A operation
Real-time clock/calendar and battery backup
Power Connector Type: Molex 26-60-4080 or equivalent max. current capacity in 7A per pin with 14A @5V distributed between two pins
Watch-Dog Timer
6-pin Min-Din connector or 5-pin header Keyboard Connector

Model Number

Model Number Description
NOVA-300 All-In-One Embedded 386SX with LCD/CRT/4COM SBC


CPU 386SX-40MHz compatible
RAM Up to 32MB,On board 2MB/4MB designed for OEM customer requirement
Chipset ALI 6117
Multi-I/O Chip
  • Three 16C550 RS-232 ports
  • One 16C550 RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 ports
  • One EPP/ECP parallel port
  • One Floppy I/F
  • Two IDE I/F
  • Display Controller
  • HM86508
  • Simultaneous LCD and CRT display
  • 1MB DRAM on board
  • Support 800 x 600 resolution for STN and TFT LCD Flat Panel
  • Support 1024 x 768 256 colors for CRT display
  • Flash Disk Support DiskOnChipTMflash disk chip
    Watch-Dog Timer Can be set by 1, 2, 10, 20, 110 or 220 seconds period. RESET or NMI was generated when CPU did not periodically trigger the timer
    Interface PC/104
    Keyboard I/F PS/2 keyboard connector
    Mouse I/F PS/2 mouse I/F
    Power Supply +5V/1.6A
    Operating Temperature +0°C to +60°C
    Operating Humidity 0 to 90% non-condensing

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