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PA-CP12 In-depth Details and Specifications
Low Cost Multi-I/O Card (A/D D/A & Digital I/O)


12 bit, 200us analog to digital (A/D) converter
16 single-ended analog inputs (A/D)
8254 timer provides background A/D conversion
12 bit, 20us digital to analog (D/A) converter
One analog voltage analog output (D/A)
8 digital inputs
8 digital outputs


Let's face it - not everyone needs a high-speed, high-accuracy A/D D/A card. So why should everyone have to pay full price for these functions ? The answer is simple - they shouldn't! That's why we created the PA-CP12: for the simple A/D, D/A and digital I/O applications. It is the affordable solution.

The PA-CP12 is a 16 single-ended input, 12 bit 200us A/D converter, 1 voltage output, 20us D/A card with an 8254 timer on board which generates an accuracy signal for A/D background conversions.

The board also comes with an 8 bit in 8 bit out digital I/O. Various expansion modules like S.S.R O/P, reed relay O/P, photo-coupled I/P, and screw terminal boards are also available for the PA-CP12.

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