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PA-MD12 / PA-MD16 In-depth Details and Specifications
DMA Transfer Digital To Analog (D/A) Card


DMA transfer digital to analog card (D/A>
12 bit D/A converter (PA-MD12)
16 bit D/A converter (PA-MD16)
100KHz digital to analog (D/A) converter (PA-MD12)
50KHz digital to analog (D/A) converter (PA-MD16)
Two voltage and current analog output (D/A)


The PA-MD12(16) is our DMA transfer D/A card for the user that needs fast and reliable data transfers which do not rely on computer speeds.

This high speed converter performs conversion and transfers data using DMA; direct memory transfer. This ensures fast background conversions regardless of the specific computer in use.

This card provides 2 channels of 12 bit or 16 bit digital to analog conversion (D/A). The conversion time for the PA-MD12 is 10 us and 20us for the PA-MD16. Because this card uses DMA data transfer, no matter what kind of CPU you use, the conversion speed is always the same. (For the PA-MD12 it is 100KHz, for the PA-MD16 it is 50KHz)

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