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PI-IO48A In-depth Details and Specifications
48 Channels Digital I/O and Timer Card


82c255 programmable digital I/O controller.
48 programmable inputs or outputs, direct Bit SET/RESET
8254 programmable timer.
3 operating modes - Basic input/output, Strobed input/output and Strobed bidirectional bus input/output.
3 independent 16-bit counters, counts in Binary or BCD.
6 programmable counter modes - Interrupt on terminal count, retriggerable one-shot, Rate generator, Square wave, S/W triggered strobe and triggered strobe mode.
Counter lock rate : 0 Hz to 10 MHz
Expandable to variety expansion boards like digital I/Os, analog I/Os and Isolated I/Os.
Expansion memory socket for NVSRAM, EPROM and EEPROM.


No card is an island. We all know this, but if you buy a digital I/O card today, chances are you will want to add more functions tomorrow. However, choose the wrong I/O card today, and you may outgrow it tomorrow.

Enter the PI-IO48 -- the one digital I/O card designed for expansion. The PI-IO48 is so versatile, it can handle just about any control application; from controlling a single peripheral to orchestrating

Only the PI-IO48 has XCI (external control interface) and XDI (external data interface) buses. These provide seamless connectivity with a host of expansion modules; from an 8-channel photo-coupled input to an 8-channel relay output, or from an A/D converter to a D/A converter.

That's why the PI-IO48 is more than a digital I/O card. It is, in fact, an ideal working base for any I/O application. All the while, it saves you valuable capital, because you can add on only the functions you need, and nothing more.

Whatever application you have in mind for your digital I/O card, you will implement it faster and more reliably with the PI-IO48, because it works the way you work. In fact, it works so smoothly that you may think it was custom-made just for your specific application!

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