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PK-55160A In-depth Details, Specifications, & Frequently Asked Questions
An ANSI/VT-100 Stand alone terminal for PC or other controller


The PK-55160A is designed to be a small console or terminal for monitor and control applications. It has been programmed with a variety of functions that enable it to be used immediately with little or no programming by the user.

As an additional PC keyboard and display
Direct replacement for the PC's keyboard and display
As an interface for single-board computers
As a terminal or console for multiple stations or device

In-depth Details, Specifications, & Frequently Asked Questions


Keyboard and LCD module for expansion.
55 keys membrane keyboard
132x64 dot graphics LCD display
8 line, 21 characters backlit LCD display
RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 interface
Connect up to 4000 ft from the host computer
Directly replaces the keyboard, display card, and monitor
Can be used as additional remote console
Multilingual support (ASCII, European, Japanese and Chinese)


The PK-55160A is a small LCD and keypad console/terminal. It uses an 8031 or 8032 microcontroller allowing stand alone capability. The PK-55160A BIOS handles all the functions of the PK-55160A. The PK-55160A uses RS-232/422/485 I/F for connecting to other devices such as smart meters, embedded controllers, and personal computers.

Display - The PK-55160A uses a 128 x 64 dot (8 x 21 text) liquid crystal display (LCD) module with a high-contrast wide-view LCD panel. The LCD has an EL backlight .

Keyboard - The keyboard for the PK-55160A is a membrane type and the keytops can be user defined. There are 55 keys, divided into 3 groups: alphanumeric keys, numeric keys and control keys.

Communication - The Communication interface is the interface between the PK-55160A and other devices. There are three types of interfaces; the RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485.

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