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Low Cost Read-Only Virtual Disk Card


Low cost read-only Virtual Disk card
2 32-pin V-disk sockets
Accommodate 27010, 27020, 27040 and 27080 EPROM
Maximum capacity of 2MB byte
On-board watch-dog timer
Option product : IBM PC-DOS 6.3


The PM-8002 is a Read-Only virtual disk card. This card has 2 32-pin DIP sockets that will accommodate 1M bit (27010) or 2M bit (27020), 4M bit (27040) or 8M bit (27080) chips, therefore the maximum capacity of PM-8002 is 2M byte. The PM-8002 is a cost saving solution for your applications and is sold without memory. You must purchase the EPROM separately.

The IBM PC-DOS 6.3 can be bundled with any Virtual Disk card or CPU card purchased. There are 2 versions available. The standard PC-DOS includes all PC-DOS files .The ROM version PC-DOS includes only system boot files - IBMBIO.COM, IBMDOS.COM, COMMAND.COM and FORMAT.COM.

The PM-8002 also has a Watch-dog timer. The watch-dog timer is a circuit that should be refreshed periodically to prevent a system from hanging indefinitely.

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