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High Capacity Virtual Disk Card


High capacity Virtual Disk card
16 32-pin V-disk sockets
Accommodate SRAM : 62010 and 62040
Accommodate EPROM : 27010, 27020, 27040 and 27080
Accommodate EPROM : 28F010-28F040, 29F040 and 28SF040
Maximum capacity of 16MB byte
Option product : IBM PC-DOS 6.3


The PM-9008 is a half size high capacity Virtual disk card. It has sixteen 32-pin JEDEC sockets which support 1/2/4/8M bit EPROM, 1/2/4M bit Flash EPROM and 1/4M bit SRAM. The PM-9008 has an on-board battery that backs-up system SRAM while the unit is powered-off.

The PM-9008 SRAM/Flash EPROM V-disk can also be programmed over a RS-232/RS-422 communication I/F from another computer, this gives the flexibility and convenience of programming or re-programming a PM-9008 with Flash EPROMs or SRAMs in a diskless computer.

The IBM PC-DOS 6.3 can be bundled with any Virtual Disk card or CPU card purchased. There are 2 versions available. The standard PC-DOS includes all PC-DOS files .The ROM version PC-DOS includes only system boot files - IBMBIO.COM, IBMDOS.COM, COMMAND.COM and FORMAT.COM.

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