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Half Size ISA-bus 386SX CPU Card with VGA and V-Disk


386SX-40MHz CPU on board
Up to 32MB DRAM
Two RS-232C Interface
One Printer Interface
One Floppy Interface
One Enhanced IDE hard disk Interface
VGA LCD/CRT Controller
1.7MB Flash Disk On board
3 32-pin V-disk sockets
Accommodate SRAM : 62010 and 62040
Accommodate EPROM : 27010, 27020, 27040 and 27080
Accommodate Flash EPROM : 28F010-28F040, 29F040 and 28SF040
Maximum capacity : 3.2MB Flash V-disk or 1.7MB Flash Disk + 3.0MB ROM Disk
Support DiskOnChip flash disk chip
Watch Dog Timer
Keyboard Interface
PS/2 Mouse Interface
Single 5V/1.1A operation


The PM-i387(V) is a combination of an all-in-one CPU card, V-disk card and VGA card. It is based on the 386SX compatible CPU and will run 80386DX, 80486DX and Pentium software. The PM-i387(V) offers high speed performance at a moderate cost.

The PM-i387(V) is a half-sized card that run at 40MHz and can have up to 32MB of DRAM. The card has an on-board Watch-Dog timer, a Buzzer, and a battery-backed Real Time Clock. It comes with AMI BIOS which is mapped to the upper 64K of memory. PM-i387(V) also provides a Floppy disk controller, an IDE disk controller, two serial ports, and one parallel port.

The PM-i387(V) is equipped with 1.7MB Flash disk and three 32-pin DIP IC sockets. These sockets can accommodate 1Mbit (128KB), 2Mbit (256KB), 4MBit (512KB) and 8Mbit (1024KB) SRAM, EPROM and Flash EPROMs. This allows the PM-i387(V) to feature up to 4.7MB Virtual disk drive. The PM-i387(V) SRAM/Flash EPROM V-disk can also be programmed over a RS-232/RS-422 communication I/F from another computer, this gives the flexibility and convenience of programming or re-programming a PM-i387(V) with Flash EPROMs or SRAMs in a diskless computer.

The IBM PC-DOS 6.3 can be bundled with PM-i387(V). There are 2 versions available. The standard PC-DOS includes all PC-DOS files .The ROM version PC-DOS includes only system boot files - IBMBIO.COM, IBMDOS.COM, COMMAND.COM and FORMAT.COM.

The PM-i387V has VGA on board, the VGA supports both CRT and LCD panel and has up to 1024x768 resolution in CRT display mode and 800x600 in LCD display mode.

Model Number

Model Number Description
PM-i387 All-in-one ISA-Bus 386SX CPU card with V-disk
PM-i387V All-in-one ISA-Bus 386SX CPU card with V-Disk and VGA/LCD


CPU 386SX-40MHz compatible (ALI-6117)
RAM Up to 32MB (One 32 pin FPM/EDO memory)
Chipset ALI-6117
Multi-I/O Chip
  • SMSC 37C669
  • Two 16C550 RS-232C ports
  • One EPP/ECP parallel port
  • One Floppy I/F
  • One IDE I/F
  • LCD/CRT Controller
  • CT65545 with 1MB RAM
  • Support both CRT display and LCD Panel
  • 1024 x 768 256 colors for CRT display
  • 800 x 600 resolution for STN and TFT LCD Flat Panel
  • Virtual Disk
  • 1.7MB Flash Disk On board
  • 3 32-pin V-disk sockets
  • Accommodate SRAM : 62010 and 62040
  • Accommodate EPROM : 27010, 27020, 27040 and 27080
  • Accommodate Flash EPROM : 28F010-28F040, 29F040 and 28SF040
  • Maximun size : Up to 4.7MB (1.7MB Flash + 3.0 ROM Disk)
  • Support DiskOnChipTMflash disk chip
  • External Power Connector 8-pin male connector (model: 2751-08TS)
    Interface ISA Bus and PC/104 expansion bus on board
    Keyboard I/F PS/2 keyboard connector
    Mouse I/F PS/2 mouse I/F
    Power Supply 5V/1.1A
    Operating Temperature +0°C to +60°C
    Operating Humidity 0 to 90% non-condensing

    Difference between PM-i386 and PM-i387(V)

    Specification PM-i386XC PM-i387 PM-i387V
    CPU 386SX 386SX
    Chipset Ali-2117 Ali-6117
    Memory 4 30-pin DRAM 1 72-pin DRAM
    On board V-disk   1.7MB Flash Disk
    V-disk socket 3 3
    Max V-Disk Size 1.5MB Flash Disk
    1.5MB SRAM Disk
    3.0MB ROM Disk
    3.2MB Flash Disk
    1.7MB Flash Disk + 1.5MB SRAM Disk
    1.7MB Flash Disk + 3.0MB ROM Disk
    HDD Interface Standard Enhanced IDE
    Printer Interface SPP SPP, ECP & EPP
    Serial I/F COM1 and COM2 COM1-4 Configurable
    On board VGA     Yes

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