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4U Height Rack Mount Chassis and Keyboards



EIA RS-310C standard 19" rack mountable chassis.
Rugged all steel chassis suitable for industrial applications.
FCC class A and CE approved.
UL/CSA/VDE approved 300W power supply
Filtered cooling fan
Three shock buffered driver bay for 5.25" disk drivers.
One driver bay for 3.5" disk drive.
Front and rear pre-wired keyboard connector.
Lockable front panel
14 slots ISA-bus backplane board
Power and Hard disk LED indicators
Cooling fan included.


The RC-series chassis is an industrial grade rack-mount chassis. It comes with an optional 14 slot passive backplane and 300W power supply. The RC-series are FCC class A certified and the power supplies are UL, CSA, and VDE approved

The RC-series chassis are intended for users that require rack mounted solutions.

The power supply that comes with the RC-series chassis is a 300W (or 200W) power supply. This power has been approved by UL/CSA/VDE. The power supply is 110V/220V switch selectable. The switch is located in the rear of the chassis. The following is the output of the power supply.

The RC-series include a variety of options such as split backplanes mounted bearing slides. The RC-0016 does not a include backplane board. It will accommodate 12, 14 slot ISA bus or ISA/PCI bus backplane boards or a Baby-size mother board. The RC-0016 chassis can also accommodate 8 or 12 or 14 slot or 6+8 slot backplane boards. The 6+8 slot backplane board is a backplane board that has 14 slots for ISA bus add-on card expansions. These 14 slots are divided into two segments. The segment are totally isolated from each other except for using the same power supply. The 6+8 slot is designed for applications that need to use two computer systems in one chassis.

There is a lock on the front panel. This lock will secure the disk drive, reset switch, and the power on switch. This provides the necessary security to prevent unauthorized operation.

There are two fans in the chassis; one regular power supply fan and one filtered-fan. The first fan is located on the front panel. This fan will blow air into the chassis. A filter is supplied to prevent dust from being blown into the chassis. The second fan is the fan for the power supply. The fan blows air from the chassis to outside.

Replacing air filter is simple. Just open the front panel door and remove the air filter from the filter holder.

The RC-series chassis has 4 disk drive bays; three 5.25" drive bays and one 3.5" drive.

The RC-series chassis is equipped 14 hold-down clamps for each expansion slot. The hold-down clamp will secure the expansion cards in the expansion slot to guard against vibration

There are two LEDs on the front panel; the power supply LED and Hard disk LED. The power supply LED will illuminate when the power is ON. The Hard diskette LED should be connected to the hard disk controller. It will illuminate when the hard disk is in operation.


The RC-KB01 is an rack mount housing for a compact keyboard. This drawer is sturdy and is equipped with a lockable door panel. The slide mechanism ensures easy access to the keyboard when it is extended. The drawer mounts directly to a rack with four front screws and takes up a minimal amount of rack space.


The RC-KB02 is a 101 membrane keyboard that mounts directly to a rack. This keyboard is surface water proof and dust protected. The membrane key-switches offer sensitive yet durable data entry and a beep sounds on every keystroke with an on-board speaker.

This product is very useful in environments where users are required to wear protective gloves or in areas where a standard keyboard would be damaged.

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Power Supply (300W)

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