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1U Height Rack Mount Chassis


EIA RS-310C standard 19" rack mountable chassis.
Rugged all steel chassis suitable for industrial applications.
FCC class A and CE approved.
UL/CSA/VDE approved 90W power supply
Filtered cooling fan
One driver bay for 5.25" disk drivers.
One driver bay for 3.5" disk drive.
Front and rear pre-wired keyboard connector.
Power and Hard disk LED indicators
Cooling fan included.


The RC-KB01 is an rack mount housing for a compact keyboard. This drawer is sturdy and is equipped with a lockable door panel. The slide mechanism ensures easy access to the keyboard when it is extended. The drawer mounts directly to a rack with four front screws and takes up a minimal amount of rack space.


The RC-KB02 is a 101 membrane keyboard that mounts directly to a rack. This keyboard is surface water proof and dust protected. The membrane key-switches offer sensitive yet durable data entry and a beep sounds on every keystroke with an on-board speaker.

This product is very useful in environments where users are required to wear protective gloves or in areas where a standard keyboard would be damaged.

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