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XC-2285 Brief Description
Communication and Timer Expansion for XU-i088 Single Board Computer

Description - Model No - Block Diagram - 16450 - RTC - Timer - Interrupt - Beeper - Register - Specifications


    Communication I/F for XU-i088 Single Board Computer expansion
    8250 or 16450 or 16550 USART
    RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 I/F
    3287 Real Time Clock
    8253 or 8254 Timer on-board
    On-board Buzzer


    The XC-2285A is the RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 communication Interface, Real-Timer Clock and timer expansion board designed for the XU-i088 single board computer. The XC-2285A should be connected the XU-i088 or PI-IO48.


    Model No Description
    XC-2285A Communication and Timer Expansion for XU-i088 Single Board Computer



    Communication 16450

    The XC-2285A acts as a communication link between the XU-i088 and a PC and/or other XU-i088 single board computers. One example is to link the XU-i088 to a PC. This enables the user to monitor and/or control the on board digital I/O of the XU-i088 and other devices on the XCI expansion boards from the PC. If an EEPROM is installed on the ROM socket of the XU-i088, the user can even download programs from the PC to the XU-i088 via the XC-2285A communication I/F.

    Real time clock (RTC)

    A 3287A Real-Time Clock (RTC) module is included on the XC-2285A. The 3287A is a low power microprocessor providing a time-of day clock and one hundred years with battery operation. The 3287A also equipped 114 bytes of general nonvolatile storage, they can be used to stored the XU-i088 configuration and status even the power is turn off. The 3287A RTC module equipped with a 3V Lithium battery, this battery is used to stored the 114 byte memory and keep the clock operating during the power off. The Lithium battery will operate the 3287A at least 10 years during the power is off.


    An 8254 timer is included on the XC-2285A. The 8254 is included on the XC-2285A to supplement the XU-i088. Since the XU-i088 does not have a timer to generate accurate time delays for certain applications, the application may use the 8254 timer on the XC-2285A. This counter/timer chip can be programmed to create accurate time delays. There are several different modes of operation for the 8254. Each has its advantage over the others under certain circumstances.

    Interrupt control

    There are four interrupts from the XC-2285A, each interrupt has different purpose, they are RTC interrupt, Communication RX interrupt, Timer 1&2 interrupt and Timer 0 interrupt.

    The RTC alarm INT can be used in a very wild purpose, for example, you may set the RTC interrupt to be in forced a preset time.

    The communication RX INT interrupt the XU-i088's CPU when the communication data is being received. This is provided so that the XU-i088 can always "listen" for incoming data or instructions.

    The Timer 0 INT can be used as the a system interrupt.


    A beeper is also provides by the XC-2285A. The frequency of the BEEPer is determined by the 8254 Timer 1 OUT or the timer 1 & 2 OUT. If the BEEPer is used, then the Timer 1 & 2 INT should be disabled.


    Base+0 72E0H Read Status port
    Base+1 72E1H Write Command port
    Base+2 72E2H Write RTC address
    Base+3 72E3H Read/Write RTC data port
    Base+4 72E4H Read Clear Timer 0 interrupt (EOI)
    Base+5 72E5H Read Clear Timer 1 interrupt (EOI)
    Base+4 to Base+7 72E4H to 72E7H Read/Write 8254 registers
    Base+8 to Base+15 72E8H to 72EFH Read/Write 8250 registers


    RS-232 Interdace
    Cotroller 16450 or 16550
    Maximum distance 50 feet
    Output driver SN1488
    Input receiver SN1489
    Input resistance >12K ohm
    RS-422/RS-485 Interdace
    Cotroller 16450 or 16550
    Maximum distance 4000 feet
    Output driver SN75172
    Input receiver SN75173
    Input resistance >>12K ohm
    Controller 8254
    Number of counters 3
    Data length 16-bit
    Clock input 1.8432 MHz
    Real timer clock (RTC)
    Controller 3287 or 3287A
    General purpose NVSRAM 114 bytes
    Battery type 3V Lithium
    Data-retention 10 years minimum
    Clock source Timer OUT1 or Timer OUT2
    Interface Characters
    Compatible bus XCI (PI-IO48 or XU-i088)
    Data path 8 bits
    Interface type 16 bit I/O mapped
    I/O location occupied 4
    Port address range x100H to xFF0H
    Jumper configurable
    Power requirement +5V
    Power comsumption 130mA/+5V
    Operating temperature +5 ° C to +50 ° C
    Storage temperature -25 ° C to +85 ° C
    Operating humidity 0 to 90% non-condensing
    Storage humidity 0 to 90% non-condensing
    Weight 350 g
    Dimension 13.3 x 12.2 x 1.8 cm

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