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XC-AD12 In-depth Details and Specifications
Analog To Digital (A/D) Expansion Board For PI-IO48A And XU-i088A


Analog to Ditial (A/D) Expansion board for XCI I/F (PI-IO48A/XU-i088A) expansion.
12 bit Analog Input.
25us A/D conversion.
8 Single-ended analog input.
Simultaneous S/H kit available (MK-SH08).
Screw terminals are included.


The XC-AD12(-H) is the analog input (A/D) expansion module for the XCI mother board (PI-IO48A, XU-i088A).

This module is equipped with 8 channels 12 bit analog to digital converters (A/D) This module can be connected to the J1 expansion connector of the PI-IO48A card. Up to 7 XC-AD12(-H)s or other XCI expansion boards, can be connected to a single PI-IO48A or XU-i088A to yield up to 56 analog inputs.

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