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XC-AD12 Brief Description
Analog To Digital (A/D) Expansion Board For PI-IO48 And XU-i088

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    Analog to Ditial (A/D) Expansion board for XCI I/F (PI-IO48/XU-i088) expansion.
    12 bit Analog Input.
    25us A/D conversion.
    8 Single-ended analog input.
    Simultaneous S/H kit available (MK-SH08).
    Screw terminals are included.


    The XC-AD12(-H) is the analog input (A/D) expansion module for the XCI mother board (PI-IO48, XU-i088).

    This module is equipped with 8 channels 12 bit analog to digital converters (A/D) This module can be connected to the J1 expansion connector of the PI-IO48 card. Up to 7 XC-AD12(-H)s or other XCI expansion boards, can be connected to a single PI-IO48 or XU-i088 to yield up to 56 analog inputs.


    Function XC-AD12 XC-AD12-H
    D/A Resolution 12 Bit 12 Bit
    Channels 16 16
    Input typr Single-ended Single-ended
    Conversion time 25us 15us
    DAC ADC674 ADC774
    Accuracy 11 Bit 11 Bit



    XCI expansion module connecter - The Expansion Control Interface (XCI) is designed for the future expansion of the XCI mother board (PI-IO48 or XU-i088). The XCI mother board (PI-IO48 or XU-i088) has the capacity to be connected to up to seven XCI daughter boards using the XCI bus.

    A user simply plugs the XCI cable into the 40 pin dual-in-line box header connecter on XCI mother board (PI-IO48 or XU-i088) and the 40 pin plug connecter of daughter cards (XC-DA12). Please note that the XCI cable for PI-IO48(A) and XU-i088(A) is different.

    The XCI daughter cards (XC-IO96, XC-AD12 and XC-DA12) are connected to the XCI mother board (PI-IO48) by a 2 feet XCI cable that is supplied with XCI mother board (PI-IO48 or XU-i088).

    The signal connector - The signal connecter for A/D signals input is a screw terminal block (14AWG).

    A/D simultaneous S/H - A simultaneous S/H kit (MK-XC-SH08) is available as an option product, a user can purchase it from Acqutek. Install the S/H chips in sockets U30-U43 then adjust JP30A-JP43A to simultaneous S/H position.

    A/D channel selection - The XC-AD12(-H) is configurred as single ended inputs only. The channel is software selectable. The port used for channel selection is base+2. The input channels feed the multiplexers (8 channels total). Writing to base+2 selects the channel that is to be converted. The 3 least significant bits (D2-D0) in base+2 determine the channel that is selected by their binary equivalents, the D3 determines the simultaneous S/H and the 4 most significant bits (D7-D5) do not matter. An example of this is, if one wanted to select the single-ended channel #6, one would write 0000 x110B to base+2.

    Sample & hold - The XC-AD12(-H) uses a sample and hold circuit that depends on the end of conversion signal from the A/D chip. Thus, the sample and hold rate is a function of the A/D conversion speed.

    A/D conversion - When the A/D conversion takes place, (by software trig) the EOC line goes high. Once the signal is received, conversion of the voltage held by the sample and hold unit is initiated. Once the conversion is initiated (EOC goes high), no other start conversion command will be accepted until the completion of the conversion. Upon completion of the conversion, the EOC line goes low. Next, the least significant byte (LSB) and the most significant byte (MSB) of the digital value for the voltage can be read from the data registers, base+0 and base+1 respectively. The all 8 bits of the base+1 port are the 8 most significant bits of the A/D conversion result, and the 4 most significant bits of the Base+0 port are the 4 least significant bits of the A/D conversion result.

    A/D conversion control - The A/D conversion can be triggered by writing any data to base+0 port. (S/W Trig) This method is very easy to implement because it is directly controlled by the S/W. However this method ties up the CPU because one must poll the EOC bit in the status register to know when one can trigger the A/D.

    Reading status - The status of the A/D can be read from base+3 port. This port contains the condition of the A/D and the channel currently selected. Bit 7 represents EOC (end of conversion); bit 6 represents the configuration for either unipolar or bipolar inputs; bit 5 is always set to high (1); bit 4 is simultaneous S/H control; bit 3 is always set to zero (0); bit 2-0 represent the A/D channel selected.

    The signal connecter - The signal connecter for D/A output signals is the 3 SIL 14 AWG screw terminal. Be sure to check the pin diagram before using.


    Port Default Direction Function
    +0 22E0H I/O read A/D LSB data
    +0 22E0H I/O write S/W start A/D conversion
    +1 22E1H I/O read A/D MSB data
    +1 22E1H I/O write none
    +2 22E2H I/O read none
    +2 22E2H I/O write A/D channel select
    +3 22E3H I/O read A/D status
    +3 22E3H I/O write none


    Shipped with this board are Utility, Library and Sample Programs. These programs are included at no additional expense with this product.

    Utility Program - This program will provide comprehensive testing of various functions of the board to ensure proper operation.

    Library And Sample Programs - The library program provides the interface to Turbo-C, Microsoft Quick Basic, Microsoft Quick C, Microsoft GW-BASIC, IBM BASIC and Assembler.


    Analog to Digital (A/D)
    Resolution 12 bits
    Input Channel 8 Single-ended
    ADC controller 674 (XC-AD12)
    774 (XC-AD12-H)
    Input voltage range -5V to +5V, -10V to +10V
    0V to +5V, 0V to +10V
    Accuracy 1 bit
    Conversion time 25 us(XC-AD12)
    15 us(XC-AD12-H)
    Connector 14 AWG screw terminal
    Interface Characters
    Compatible bus XCI (PI-IO48 or XU-i088)
    Data path 8 bits
    Interface type 16 bit I/O mapped
    I/O location occupied 4
    Port address range x100H to xFF0H
    Jumper configurable
    Power requirement +5V
    Power comsumption 320mA/+5V
    Operating temperature +5 ° C to +50 ° C
    Storage temperature -25 ° C to +85 ° C
    Operating humidity 0 to 90% non-condensing
    Storage humidity 0 to 90% non-condensing
    Weight 155 g
    Dimension 13.3 x 12.2 x 1.8 cm

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