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XC-IO96 In-depth Details and Specifications
96 Channel Digital I/O Expansion Board For PI-IO48A And XU-i088A


96 channels programmable digital I/O module for the PI-IO48A and XU-i088A card expansion
Digital I/O : two 82c255s
96 programmable inputs or outputs, direct Bit SET/RESET
3 operating modes - Basic input/output, Strobed input/output and Strobed bidirectional bus input/output.
Expandable up to 720 programmable digital I/Os by connecting 7 XC-IO96s to a single PI-IO48A or XU-i088A
Expandable up to 96 photo-coupled inputs by connecting up to 12 XI-PI08s
Expandable up to 96 input modules by connecting up to 24 XI-IM04s
Expandable up to 96 10VA relay outputs by connecting up to 12 XO-RR08s
Expandable up to 96 solid-state-relay outputs by connecting up to 24 XO-SRx4s


The XC-IO96 is the programmable digital I/O expansion module for the XCI mother board (PI-IO48A or XU-i088A).

This module is equipped with two 82c255 programmable digital I/O controllers, each 82c255 provides 48 programmable digital I/Os, which gives the XC-IO96 a total of 96 digital I/Os. They are divided into twelve 8-bit ports; each port can be programmed as input or output. This module can be connected to the J1 expansion connector of the PI-IO48A or XU-i088A card. Up to 7 XC-IO96s, can be connected to a single PI-IO48A/XU-i088A to yield up to 720/696 digital I/Os.

The 82c255 is a general purpose programmable I/O. It is compatible with the 8255 programmable I/O. The 82c255 is equivalent to two 8255s. It has 48 I/O lines which may be individually programmed in 6 groups of 8 or 4 groups of 12 and used in 3 major modes of operation. The XC-IO96 provides two 82c255s that, in total, provides 12 groups of 8 I/O lines. There are also 12 LEDs to monitor the status of D0 of each port.

CON1 to CON12 each refers to one group of 8, they are designed as XDI interfaces and have the capability to connect to the isolated I/O expansion module. (Eg. photo-coupled input, reed-relay and solid-state relay output).

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