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XU-i088A In-depth Details and Specifications
V20 (8088) Embedded Computer


V20 (8088) CPU at 8MHz or 10MHz
64KB memory
32KB or 56KB EPROM memory for program
8KB or 32KB SRAM or NVSRAM for data abd buffer
Watch-dog timer
7 segments LED indicator
8 bit switch
3287 real time clock providng 128 bytes NVSRAM
24 bit digital I/O (8255)
Variety Isolated expansion board for digital I/O
XCI I/F for A/D, D/A, I/O and RS-232/422/485
Program can be developed in 8088 Assembly or C
Program can be simulated in a personal computer
Dimension : 120mm x 120mm


Designing and using a single board computer for a simple application is always a nightmare for both the project leader and the design engineer. The designer, not only spends too much time designing the system, but also spends too much money purchasing expensive equipment like Microprocessor Developing Systems or In-Circuit-Emulation.

Well, no longer; here is the solution -- the XU-i088A and its XCI and XDI family. The XU-i088A is a V20 CPU (8088 Compatible) single board computer with 24 bit digital I/Os, XDI/XCI expansion I/F, 7 segments LED display, watch-dog timer and Real Timer Clock (RTC). You may easily use the PI-IO48A as the emulator to design your application in the powerful PC environment, using thousands of software packages, significant operating systems, and debuging tools that are available for the PC. You may download S/W to the EEPROM or Nonvolatile SRAM on the PI-IO48A to emulate the operation of the XU-i088A on a standard PC.

Furthermore, by using the XC-2285A - the communication expansion board, a user may link several control nodes together, and/or to a main "host" computer. What does all this mean ? It means intelligent control nodes can be assigned simple I/O applications, thereby freeing the "host" computer to do more important jobs.

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